Advancing Breast Exam Standards and Practices Since 1974

  • Teaches core competency standards
  • Validates sensitivity (true positives)
  • Validates specificity (false positives)
  • Validates exam tissue coverage (thoroughness)
  • Provides corrective feedback

MammaCare is the recognized standard for clinical breast exams and breast self-examination.

We offer courses, certification, and breast models for teaching physical examination of the breast. Drawing on more than 40 years of research, we make the most physically accurate breast exam models in the world. A team of university research scientists engineered our breast models to replicate the tactile characteristics of breast cancers and normal breast structures.

Human hands are precision instruments.

Well-trained individuals can use the sense of touch to detect early stage breast cancer. Medical researchers confirm that fingers, usually the woman’s own, discover a large proportion of breast cancers. Research documents that tactually accurate breast model training systems work best to teach fingers what to feel for. That’s why our mission is to train every hand that examines a woman, including her own.